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Watch out for these jazz artists: 


Theo Croker 

There’s a rising star on jazz’s block. His name is Theo Crocker, a grandson of the famous Doc Cheatham, who blazed a trail in Dixieland Jazz. Theo is a star in his own right who have created complicated jazz arrangements culled from various influences.  


Takuya Koroda 

A promising trumpeter, Takuya Koroda plays various instruments including guitar, brass and synthesizers, creating a distinctive type of jazz music that has hip-hop and blues roots.  


Yussef Kamaal 

A duo from London, Yussef Dayes and Kamaal Williams make up Yussef Kamaal. They play ambient jazz funk and have revolutionized the jazz scene in London. 


Keep an eye out for these jazz festivals: 

There’s a ton of jazz festivals that will be held this 2018. Watch out for all of these happenings –  

In February, there are three important jazz festivals. There is the North Carolina Jazz Festival that is held annually in Wilmington for the last 32 years. Jazz musicians from all over the world join this event which includes an all-star cast, workshops and education program. Following this is the Portland Jazz Festival that takes place for 10 days and serves as a celebration of the Black History Month. Another festival that is held every February is the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. This has been going on in Moscow, Idaho for more than 40 years and celebrates the great jazz musicians. This festival includes performances from well-known musicians as well as students who hope to follow their lead. This festival also features jazz workshops and various other programs to raise awareness and appreciation on jazz music.