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Lester: Hello jazz lovers. I am actually quite new to jazz. I am very happy to have come across this website. You see, I am actually a researcher and I want to know about the history of jazz and if there is someone here who can point me to a person who was involved in jazz for sometime and can provide me with stories? 

Stella: Hello there, Lester. My dad is a jazz player from the 1960s. He joined bands in Kansas City from 1961 to early 70s. He loves talking about his experiences. Would you want me to hook you up with him? 

Lester: Wow, thanks Stella. I would definitely love to have a chat with your dad. My email is lester0901@gmail.com. Please do send me your dad’s contact information there.  

Stella: No problem. I will send you an email. Watch out for it. Cheers! 

Rob: Hi Lester, I am a jazz musician too. I have been playing in jazz bands since the 1980s. But now, I am on a semi-retired mode. I would be happy to grant an interview if that’s what you wish.  

Lester: Thanks Stella. And Rob, I would be honored. Please do email me your contact details.  

Rich: Hi, anyone knows of jazz bands in the Phoenix area?  

Rob: Will do Lester. Rich, I have a friend who does gigs in Arizona. I will ask them to contact you. Please send me your contact information at robinsontaft@gmail.com 

Rich: Thanks Rob. I will email you.