Hello there! We are Rhian and Tina, a duo who truly love jazz music.  

We have always trolled the internet for great jazz music. We were simply looking for a website source that has an extensive collection of jazz music that we can either play online or download for free. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a website that truly provided everything we wanted. A lot of music sites contained a lot of different types of music and there was nothing that was simply dedicated to jazz music. 

Because of this, we have decided to take on this massive project. We have collected all of our jazz music, digitized it and made it available on this website. The result is unbelievable. You can now play jazz music anytime and anywhere through this website. As long as you are plugged on the Internet, you can search our very extensive jazz library and play jazz music online. You even have the choice of selecting favorite music or creating a playlist so that it is easier for you to get back to the albums. It is important for you to create your own account in this website so that you will be able to access the database in full and that you can save your favorites and create playlists.  

We are proud of the fact that jazz lovers are totally happy with this website. We have been receiving a lot of feedback on how much people love our website and how happy they are connecting with other jazz lovers not only in the United States but also in different parts of the world.  

We hope that you are happy with the services that we provide. If you require anything, just let us know by clicking the Contact Us tab. We are always happy to hear from you.